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Prok & Fitch Q & A

Prok & Fitch

Ahead of their upcoming tour, Prok & Fitch took time out to answer 5 questions for Thick As Thieves.

Have you got any upcoming music projects that you would like to tell us about?

We have indeed, we’re in the studio a lot so our music output is pretty constant. We’ve just released our “Nodding Dog EP” on Kaluki music, the support and crowd feedback had been insane.

Next up from us is our remix of Green Velvet’s La La Land, we haven’t remixed anything for some time but when Curtis asked us to-do this we obviously jumped at the chance. We’ve given it a completely different spin to the original, using the vocal but more of a house vibe, there’s seems to be quite a buzz around it and will be released at the end of June on Relief.

With audience relationship being so crucial for a DJ, how do you sit between giving the crowd what they want and treating them to something new?

That’s pretty tough, the easy option is to play loads of biggies & wave your hands around like a hero, alternatively playing too much up your own ass can very likely completely kill a dance floor, so the right balance is key. The music we play has a lot of energy without being cheesy, we’re more than happy to dig out a forgotten classic, as well as doing a lot of our own edits. It’s important to have your own sound as DJ’s, we play a lot of our unreleased music that no one else has.

If you could name two upcoming Artists to our readers that deserve their attention, who would you suggest?

There’s an abundance of very talented artists at the moment, Javi Bora is wicked, we’re probably playing more of his music in our sets than anyone else, his drum grooves are spot on & work every time in our sets.

Next up is definitely London’s Pawsa, we recently collaborated with him in the London Red Bull Studios for a new project ran Monki (BBC Radio 1). The last two years he’s consistently smashed it, his label “Solid Grooves” is going from strength to strength, releasing timeless music and hosting parties from Ibiza and key UK Festivals.

Do you have any particular activities or places to go planned while touring in Australia? Any particular memories you would like to share?

Unfortunately, sight-seeing won’t be happening on this trip, as arriving on Friday playing five parties then straight back on Monday to Europe to play on a cruise. Australia’s a beautiful country and we’ve had some memorable experiences over there, most notably many messy nights in Kings Cross. Fortunately, we’re back over in October/November for the Earth Core Festival for a much longer period so will definitely be getting stuck in.

Talk us through a day in the life of Prok & Fitch when you arrive on tour. Any rituals? Catch up with friends, explore, get dinner? Take us behind the scenes as to what goes on before and after an event?

Usually we’re flying to a gig so going through new music on the journey, and sorting out tracks for that show. We tend never to play the same set so want to keep things fresh, we’re on it with new music so always listening to promos and tracks we’ve bought.

Wherever we are food is the priority, local & authentic is always the first thing we do when we arrive to new places, we’ve been lucky enough to have some special meals that we’d never have eaten without doing what we do, cod balls filled with warm seaman in Tokyo & an Indian road side surprise were probably the least favourite to date.

Providing we’re not flying in and straight out we like to check out some sites, Iguazu falls boarding Brazil, Paraguay & Argentina was absolutely stunning and something we’ll never forget, apart from the partying the best part of our job is seeing new sights and experiencing new cultures’.

Tickets for Brown Alley show are on sale here.

Prok & Fitch Australian Tour Dates:

Fri 9th June: Brown Alley, Melbourne
Sat 10th June: Sunset Safari, Gold Coast
Sat 10th June: Coco Lounge, Brisbane
Sun 11th June: The Burdekin, Sydney (Day)
Sun 11th June: The Grand Hotel, Wollongong (Night)

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