TAT009 – Phil Kieren “Lunar Launch” EP

    Phil Kieran makes his first appearance on Thick As Thieves as the renowned DJ/producer delivers his latest single ‘Lunar Launch’, with Melbourne favourites Ben Silver & Brian Fantana on remix duties.

    With remixes for the likes of Depeche Mode and Green Velvet and his own music remixed by the late great Andrew Weatherall, multi-faceted DJ and producerPhil Kieranis an individual whose two-decade-long career eclipses most within the realms of electronic music and beyond. Releasing material via the likes of Hotflush, Optimo Music, Cocoon and Hot Creations, the Belfast talent’s extended musical scope extends to EBM band Alloy Metal and live act Le Carousel, alongside his first escapades into the world of soundtracks with his film score of ‘Nightride’ earlier this year. Returning to the dancefloor, mid-December sees the Northern Irishman head down under as he makes his first outing for Melbourne-based collectiveThick As Thieveswith ‘Lunar Launch’ - accompanied by a remix from Revolver Upstairs residentsBen SilverandBrian Fantana.A slow-blooming deep dive through rich soundscapes, hypnotic synths and shadowy textures, ‘Lunar Launch’ welcomes a cosmic trip through intense atmospheres to showcase a production set to capture the imagination of global dancefloors.

    Delivering their own interpretation, Sunday favourites Silver and Fantana harness the original’s spellbinding qualities while introducing a deeply rooted bubbling bassline to carry the track deep into the late-night hours.