Hot 5 with WISER

    Thick as Thieves caught up with WISER ahead of Rascal Rave featuring Kris Tin this Friday 27th May. 

    What’s your favourite sort of setting to play in?

    I reaallllyyy enjoy playing to an intimate dancefloor in a smoke filled, no fuss venue with minimal lighting, a well tuned sound system and an open brief to take whatever direction I feel with my sound - but I’m so grateful to share music anywhere, everywhere, to anyone.

    What’s your musical guilty pleasure?

    I would say Enya, Blondie, Madonna & Abba though there’s not much music I feel guilty about enjoying, it’s all somehow led me to where I am today - but apparently as a child I used to put the very end credit music of disney films on just to cry at it?

    wiser djing at sub rosaSource: Wiser Instagram

    What do you usually start with when preparing for a set?

    I consider when and where I am playing, then I think about how I would like to feel if I were on that dancefloor - I select some tracks that give me that feeling then build my set around it, making sure it ebbs and flows, has moments of delight laced with a little terror. It’s all about balance.

    Tell us a bit about the Rascal!! concept? How did the brand come about?

    After creating & running my ongoing event series Dazed HDT (Hard Dance Therapy) and exploring all the corners of this wild new era of partying, I was approached by Mike & Damon to collaborate on something new, a little darker & heavier than their usual southside shenanigans. There’s so much fresh talent around and we wanted to create a platform to allow space for true creative expression, to celebrate diversity & heal from the past.

    In creating the brand I wanted to keep with the Thick as Thieves idea of slight misbehaviour, being cheeky or devious & just having a damn fun time - thus RASCAL!! was born.

    If you could name two DJs to our readers that deserve attention, who would you suggest?

    Locally I would say JEFFERS as the passion for his craft is infectious; from his attention to detail, the way he can read any crowd to how supportive he is of the entire dance music community - there will be no more flying under the radar for this absolute legend that’s for sure!

    Internationally I just can’t go past Vladimir Dubyshkin - his sound is so unique & entertaining, dark, playful and somehow timeless. The way he manipulates vocals & arranges his sets is so refreshing, highly recommend.

    Rascal Rave featuring Kris Tin this Friday 27th May - get tix here