Hot 5 with Monkey Safari

    Ahead of their return to Revolver Sunday's this weekend, he sat down Sven from Monkey Safari for a quick 5.


    Name 3 things that apart from the essentials (clothes/toiletries) come with you in your suitcase every tour?

    Lots of mind setting audiobooks - lot of tobacco - and my ANTI STRESS RING


    What’s your favourite sort of setting to DJ in?
    the beach ;-)
    Whether it be professional or personal what are you most looking forward to this year?
    The release of our upcoming 'Body Language' compilation in august. Full of 18 tracks produced by us in 2021. The end of a 2 years journey.
    Favourite dancefloor in the world?
    Except the beach one of my favorite is Revolver Upstairs (Melbourne)
    3 words that come to mind when we mention ‘Revolver Upstairs’