Chit Chat with Obskür

    Earlier this week, we caught up with Obskür. Hailing from Dublin, Lorcan McCarthy & Faustas Astrauskas, have carved their way out of the pandemic with their raw and energetic productions that captures their infecticous personality very well.

    Since the release of their record ‘Bayside’ last year along with their most recent ‘Pure Evil’ EP on Shall Not Fade, the lads have already set out their sound and style, earning them recognition for their use of hard hitting 909’s, slick Hip-Hop samples and raw elements.
    An Australian tour has been in hot demand for the lads, so we're excited to be touring them this Easter. Check the interview below then click HERE for tickets



    T: Hi Guys, First things first, How are you both? Where are you? and What are you working on?

    O: Hey! We’re good - Just working on some edits and other bits for this weekend as we take on Index and the 3arena for paddys weekend. Super buzzed. Still both based in Dublin at the moment.

    T: Let’s start from the start, the really early days! How did you both first discover electronic music? 

    Faustas - I first discovered electronic music by listening to the radio in my Parents car when i was a kid. As i grew i then started digging and listening to music in my own time which made me like it more and more as i started to discover different genres and styles.

    Lorcan - I was introduced to electronic music by my parents as it was always on in the house growing up. My interested really peaked when I was 13 by one of my friends who loved music and that's where it kind of grew from there.


    T: Now fast forward to the pandemic in 2020, I’ve read that it’s there where Obskür kicked off? 

    O: Obskür did kind of properly kick off during the pandemic - we had both come together at the end of 2019. We managed to get some smaller shows until the pandemic hit and then most of the work was done behind the scenes during that weird time the world was going through. Luckily enough we had some success when our track Bayside took off on tiktok and we signed a deal with the legendary FFRR. Things have picked up more and more ever since which we are happy about.


    T: You’ve got some really awesome records, in particular the viral hit ‘Bayside’ talk us through your creative process in creating banger after banger?

    O: Wouldn’t glamorise it as such about making bangers all the time - some days are better than others but i suppose it’s all about gathering sounds we like whether its synths or drums and simply just working around with them which creates kind of a routine in the studio. Gathering sounds you like definitely helps when trying to structure a track and getting it off the ground. Ideas also come to us when listening to tracks we like by others both old and new.

    T: Are you still both based in Dublin? What’s a day from wake up to sleep look like for you both?

    O: Yes both still based in Dublin - Most days consist of waking up early enough, getting our schedule for the day pencilled in and hitting the studio to produce for the day.


    T: Looking through the rest of 2024, what are some things you are particularly excited for? Gigs, travels, etc…?

    O: We’ve a lot of tour dates pencilled in for this year in places we haven’t been to before which is super exciting. 2 Tours lined up in parts of the world in which we’ve always dreamt of going to and exploring including Australia at the end of the month. Fun times ahead for sure.

    T: You’re hosting a dinner party. DOA what 4 guests are you inviting and why? 

    O: The ideal dinner party for us would have to consist of Kerri Chandler, Chris Stussy, The legendary DJ DEEON and Theo Von. Kerri Chandler needs no explanation at all - The ultimate goat and is someone who we look up to and we have been lucky enough to meet. An all round genuine and lovely person. Chris Stussy is one of our favourite DJs/producers at the minute so it would be nice to hang and chat to him. DJ DEEON simply because of his work and influence in house music and whom we’d love to listen to tell stories about how he started and how he became such a big figure in music throughout his years. Lastly Theo Von would be the perfect person to keep the spirits high at the table.


    T: Finally, any advice you want to give aspiring DJs / musicians?

    O: Best advice we can give is really focus on mastering your craft both with djing and producing. Finding the sound that defines you is important in order to stand out - That doesn’t come overnight so experimenting with different styles of music and sounds can really help with that. Then when it comes to getting yourself out there and getting your music heard or getting gigs we feel like its important to surround yourself with the right people so networking with people that work in the industry that you like is definitely the right thing to do which can be achieved by attending different events and parties you associate these people with.


    Catch Obskur this Good Friday weekend playing in Melbourne at Prince Bandroom, On the Glass Island Boat in Sydney and Perth at 201 Below Nightclub