Cooper Smith

Cooper Smith

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Melbourne-based DJ and producer, Cooper Smith, is known for his energy and unwavering passion. With a deep love for music, Cooper possesses the remarkable ability to connect with his audience using his art to communicate and inspire.

In the production studio, Cooper's focus is on creating music that evokes powerful emotions and an intimate connection with his listeners. With each track, he aims to infuse a euphoric vibe that resonates with the dance floor, creating an unforgettable experience for all those in attendance.

What sets Cooper apart is not only his immense musical talent but also his indomitable spirit and determination. As a proud individual with a disability, he defies any limitations that come his way. Despite the challenges of controlling his muscles, Cooper has created his own unique path as a DJ, showcasing his authenticity and proving that true passion knows no boundaries.

2023 has been a turning point for Cooper, marked by significant achievements and milestones. In March, he graced the stage of his first festival, "Ability Fest," leaving an indelible impression on the crowd. With numerous exciting gigs on the horizon, there is no doubt that Cooper Smith's career will continue to ascend to new heights.

Through his music and unwavering spirit, Cooper serves as an inspiration, reminding us all to embrace our individuality, overcome challenges, and pursue our passions with fervor. His dedication and talent continue to make a lasting impact on the electronic music scene, and his unique approach to DJing leaves a lasting impression on all who witness his performances.