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T-Rek’s real name is Tarek Smallman.
T-Rek is a music producer, DJ & musician, based in Melbourne, Australia.
T-Rek has been regularly recording and releasing records since 2002, first as one half of live performance duo Bionikworld, before going solo in 2005.
T-Rek has released dozens of his own and other peoples records via his label Freakshow Disco Productions.
T-Rek had a number one single in 2010 with “Out My Bitch” on Ministry Of Sound.
T-Rek had a top twenty single at the start of 2013 with the song ‘Don’t Trip’.
T-Rek is well aware that this biography appears to be in point form.
T-Rek has been a live performer with a host of Australian bands including Infusion, Kim Salmon & The Business, and his own ‘T-Rek Band’, who appeared twice as part of the national Big Day Out tour.
T-Rek is aware that it can appear impressive to name drop some of the people he has DJed and performed in support of. T-Rek will now attempt to impress you with names: LCD Soundsystem, David Bowie, U.N.K.L.E., The Prodigy, Carl Cox, M.I.A., Andrew Weatherall, Deadmau5, etc, etc.
T-Rek has released 4 artist albums over the past ten years combining club and electronic music with rock n’roll guitars and drums.
T-Rek has officially remixed many bands and fellow producers including Coolio & Snoop Dogg, The Kills, Something For Kate & Nick Coleman (Faces Of Meth).
T-Rek is bemused by the fact he appears to be writing in the third person.
T-Rek has been a resident DJ at Melbourne nightclub institution Revolver Upstairs for over 10 years.
T-Rek is running out of facts about himself to try and impress you.
T-Rek is currently working on a slew of new club music collaborations, as well as reissuing some of his older material with new remixes etc.
T-Rek has decided to finish up here.
T-Rek would like to thank you for your time.

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