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Ruede Hagelstein

Ruede a child of Berlin, almost that is. Actually born in the rural surroundings of the capital he
decided to move inside Berlin in the year 2000. Nevertheless call him a city-dweller cause the city
is where he feels home. After civil service he left ´mean´ Brandenburg trying to find work as a
ricochet in web-agencies, movie-shakes and magazine night-guides. From the proceeds of the new
economy he soon is able to buy himself the first records.

It was his first computer that established him the view through the sequence-window which he still favours to look through upon the world of squares. His prime track is released on the Berlin Freizeitglauben- Label where he is almost showing off his poppy side which he articulates further on the following “New Fresh EP” on Freundinnen Records. One could find his actual disco-electro sound on international label compilations like Output Records and Kitsune while his sound started to spin more and more around techno and house with every extra after-hour.

That explains why soon a far more minimal outline for the dance floors: The Dog vs. Dog on Lebensfreude Records could be heard. Dj´s like Sven Väth, Michael Mayer and Audion gave credits and with his growing attention Ruede decided to professionalize his passion and learned the fundamentals of audioengeneering at the SAEInstitute. Since 2006 Ruede is playing as resident Dj in the Watergate Club in Berlin and- along with his friend Fraenzen, has set up a studio they can call their own. In 2009 Ruede produced his first official Sample CD together with Asem Shama, an issue of the well known Überschall
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