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Cobblestone Jazz

A unique trio, Cobblestone Jazz creates pared-down sounds that retain the qualities of improvisational jazz within the parameters of a minimal, dance-floor aesthetic. Through a real-time exchange of musical form, language, and ideas, Tyger Dhula, Mathew Jonson and Danuel Tate provide a continual sense of surprise and discovery for their listeners.

The influence each member has on the group sound contributes to the international success Cobblestone Jazz continues to receive. Tyger Dhula’s history as a DJ and producer of electronic music provides the necessary stylistic foundations that form the backdrop for the group’s improvisations. His ability to break grooves up into their key elements holds the music firmly within electronic music traditions. Mathew Jonson’s gifted ability to mix and compose freely, and his commitment to pushing his music in new directions is always present. Using analogue drum machines and synthesizers as his instruments, he chooses to write his parts in the moment instead of conforming to pre-configured patterns. Danuel Tate’s history as a jazz musician and performer prompted the approach to the group’s writing practices. His keyboard playing shows a rich understanding of harmony and melody, but like many great artists, his dedication to simplicity is what holds him in such high regard.

Their music is created in one take, either culled from live performances or studio mixes, and their live shows are a representation of how they create music. Nowadays, the live set is made up entirely of keyboards and drum machines; the laptops and samplers are gone. These performances give audiences a fresh perspective on the genius of Mathew Jonson, his bandmates, and the future of electronic music itself.

In 2015, fans of Cobblestone Jazz have new music to look forward to – namely a return to IIWII with the ‘Northern Lights’ EP

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